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Report Fraud / Suspicious Mail

Beware of fraudulent e-mails requesting online banking security details!

Internet Banking is a safe way to manage your money. However, there are Internet fraudsters around who will try to gain access to your accounts by e-mailing you and prompting you to disclose your on-line banking security details to them. Banks will never send e-mails that ask for confidential information. If you receive an e-mail requesting your Internet Banking security details, you should not respond.

Mehsana Urban Co Operative Bank Ltd is NOT liable for any loss arising from your sharing of your User Ids, passwords, cards, card numbers or PINs with anyone, NOR from their consequent unauthorized use.

How do fraudulent e-mails work?

Typically you will receive an e-mail claiming to be from your bank, either requesting your security details (perhaps as part of an update or confirmation process) or asking you to follow a link to a site where you will be encouraged to provide a range of information such as your credit card number, personal identification number (PIN), passwords or personal information, such as mother's maiden name.

Clicking on the link then takes you to a fake website, designed to look like that of your bank, but operated by the fraudster.

Fraudulent e-mails and websites can be very convincing and fraudsters are continually inventing new approaches to get you to divulge your security details.

Treat all unsolicited emails with caution and never click on links from such emails and enter any personal information.

Phishing e-mail

To report a suspicious email that uses The Mehsana Urban Co Operative Bank Ltd's name, forward it to us immediately at

Fraud/Suspicious Activity

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